Project name:

Consultancy and Full Redesign

Project description:

Town Pastors is a volunteer organisation who are out in town centres on Friday and/or Saturday nights, being a positive influence on the streets and providing help and support to vulnerable people. Every town that has a team had their own website, but what was needed was a centralised site that drew all the sites together into one place. It also needed to highlight the great work that Town Pastors do for supporters and prospective funders of the projects.

The remit was to keep the site easy to read, easy to navigate and a promotion for what Town Pastors does. The site needed to be easily updatable and able to progress with the demands of the organisation. Joomla was chosen as this gives a good platform to start a small scale web site, but has the ability and features to grow with demand.

Joomla design and development, Adobe Creative Suite, HTML5/CSS3, PHP, JQuery

Town Pastors