Packages and Pricing

Sometimes you know exactly what you want. Other times you need a bit more information and guidance.

Design Package 175 (per section)

If you need to get your idea into visual format, see a prototype of your thoughts, then the design package would work for you. Before the design gets to an online web version we can lay out the elements in HTML and CSS, and show you how it would look. All working elements will be there and the final package will be ready to integrate with your preferred CMS or you could simply upload it to your domain as raw HTML.

What you get:

  • You can ask for as many or as little sections (pages) as you like as the design package is costed on a per section basis.
  • We will create at least 2 different designs for you to choose from.
  • If you are having trouble with wording and would like someone to help, we can do that.
  • The most up to date technologies will be used, such as HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Your design will work on mobile devices and be fully responsive.
  • All major browsers will support your design.

Note that there is no upload or configuration of a website to your domain in this package. If you would like that service you’ll need to add the Setup Package.


Setup Package 250 (per component)

Once you have a design you’ll want to get it onto the internet. This may be a simple case of transfering a few files onto your host server, or a more complex conversion to a CMS template. Either way, this package can be tailored to your needs. We’ll have a discussion and assessment of which CMS, if any, would be most appropriate for your website. Once established we will take your design from basic HTML to a complete working template, install it, configure it, and get it running on your domain. For the first month we will also support and train you to use that CMS.

What you get:

  • We can create a template, from your HTML design, in Joomla! or WordPress.
  • We develop all the modules and plugins you need to make you site work.
  • We will install and configure your chosen CMS on your hosted domain.
  • We will support you in those early days of learning the system. Even then we’ll always be available to give a helping hand for the more complex tasks.

Note that the price is not a fixed price and will vary depending on the scale and complexity of the setup. The price stated reflects a 3-section (page) design for a CMS.

Also, there is no design work done as part of this package. A CMS template will be created from an existing HTML design. If you need a design as well you can add the Design Package.


Ad-Hoc Plan 45 per hour

The Ad-hoc plan is ideal for those who rarely require changes to their website and need a one-off update. If you need help to sort out an element on your website or simply need a change to some content we would be happy to help.

What you get:

  • Update existing content (new pages would require the Design Package).
  • Update existing content & images
  • Update, modify and create CMS plugins.
  • Update your CMS to the latest version, with full backup of current website.
  • Graphic design; a whole package (logos, business cards, flyers) or a one-off design.


Maintenance Plan 150 per month

The hassle-free maintenance plan is for those who require content updates and new pages on a regular basis, or simply just don’t want the hassle of keeping a website fresh and secure.

What you get:

  • Changes to graphics & images, including new graphic design work.
  • Design and add new pages & content
  • Ensure CMS and plugins are always up to date and secure.
  • Changing your site regularly improves Search Engine Optimization (i.e. how high you’re ranked in search engines like Google)
  • Up to 4 hours of work per month on any web related task.
  • Monthly payment plan helps with keeping costs down.

All stock images, third-party plugins and modules must be paid for separately.